About Faction Paradox

Faction Paradox is a multi-media science-fantasy series created by Lawrence Miles. The series centers around the War, a conflict fought throughout time by the immortal architects of history, the Great Houses of the Homeworld, and their nameless Enemy. In the middle of the whole conflict is the eponymous Faction Paradox - part criminal syndicate, part family, and part death cult - ready to profiteer off of the War in any way possible.

The War often intersects with human history, with agents of the War-time powers often appearing to humans as Gods or Demons, causing some to refer to the War as the War in Heaven. All the major parties of the War employ human agents, particularly Faction Paradox, which does so in part as mockery of the Homeworld's sense of superiority.

Faction Paradox stories are told in many forms of media, but primarily in prose and audio stories. Prior to being established as its own series, the concepts of the War and the Enemy were introduced by Lawrence Miles in the BBC's Eighth Doctor Adventures series of Doctor Who novels. After becoming an independent series, Faction Paradox novels, short stories, and audio dramas have been put out by many different publishers, ranging from the story of a vast city where every human to ever live is resurrected after death in Of the City of the Saved, to the epic story of Faction Paradox dealing with the Egyptian Gods in The True History of Faction Paradox series of audio adventures, to the history-centered story of two mystically-inclined young women in China during the time of the Boxer Rebellion in Warring States .

Where to Start

Virtually all of Faction Paradox is designed to be accessible to readers with no prior knowledge of the series, but some stories are better starting places than others. There are many different opinions on which stories are the best starting point for prospective fans, but my personal recommendation is to start from the very beginning of the series - either BBV's The Faction Paradox Protocols series of audio dramas or any of Mad Norwegian Press's Faction Paradox novels, all of which are standalone works. If you want more of a "sampler" of what Faction Paradox has to offer without investing in a full novel or audio series, you can also check out any of the short story anthologies - I think A Romance in Twelve Parts gives a nice variety. The pseudo-encyclopaedia The Book of the War is also a great resource for someone new to the series - it's very fun to just read through by itself, but it's also a handy reference book which you can use to look up any terms referenced in the other Faction Paradox stories that you are unfamiliar with. More information about all of these things can be found on the Prose and Audio sections of this website.

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