BBV Productions

BBV Productions was the first company to publish Faction Paradox stories, with their series The Faction Paradox Protocols in 2001. They lost the license in 2004 after making 6 chapters of The Faction Paradox Protocols, but later regained it in 2021, and began producing new audios. However, in October of 2021, BBV had several significant controversies, and they lost the Faction Paradox license shortly thereafter. For this reason, I advise against purchasing from BBV, and no stories from BBV after October of 2021 are covered here.

Cover Title Writer Publication Date Synopsis
The Eleven Day Empire Lawrence Miles October 2001 PRIMER FOR THE SPIRAL POLITIC (POST-WAR EDITION)

Era: Non-specific.
Technology: Post-linear (subtle), time-active.

Even before the outbreak of the "War in Heaven", Faction Paradox was regarded as the most unpredictable (and opportunistic) of the time-active powers. Aware of the precarious nature of history -- but under no obligation to protect it -- while the other Great Houses were still attempting to uphold a "universal order", the Faction was following its own, far more ambiguous, protocols. Ruthless, secretive and at times difficult to understand, it's hardly surprising that the Faction should have eventually found itself under siege from its rival powers...
The Shadow Play Lawrence Miles October 2001 PRIMER FOR THE SPIRAL POLITIC (POST-WAR EDITION)

Era: Last thirteen-million years.
Technology: Military (blatant), limited time-awareness.

It's perhaps unwise to think of the Sontarans as a species, as such. A homunculus breed, hatched by the million and engineered for full-engagement warfare, the Sontaran military machine is regarded by many time-active cultures as an "occupational hazard": a force of nature rather than a race, compelled by duty and genetics to acquire new technologies for its endless war effort. It should be remembered, however, that with the backing of a higher power even the crudest of breeds can become something quite different.
Sabbath Dei Lawrence Miles February 2003 PRIMER FOR THE SPIRAL POLITIC (POST-WAR EDITION)
3: SABBATH DEI (1740 - 1782 AD?)

Era: Human historical (pre-industrial period).
Technology: Acquired, ritual time-awareness.

Right from its creation, the secret intelligence service of Great Britain was touched by a streak of ritual: its initiations were usually occult, its codes based on astrological or alchemical cyphers. When Faction Paradox first entered Earth history in the 1700s, the Service took an immediate interest in the new arrivals' own ritual practices, and in the inevitable feud between British and Faction agents no single figure was as important as Sabbath. He’s now remembered as one of the few individuals to bring his own agenda to the War...
In the Year of the Cat Lawrence Miles April 2003 PRIMER FOR THE SPIRAL POLITIC (POST-WAR EDITION)

Era: human historical (later period).
Technology: Military (self-contained), non-time-active.

By the end of the fifth millennium AD, the homunculi created by the human species -- clones, cross-breeds, fighting-machines and artificial intelligences of all descriptions -- outnumbered humanity by more than thirteen to one: but even so, there were no creations like those of Peking. Heading a thousand-strong army of individually-crafted automata, the twelve commanders were self-aware embodiments of the oriental zodiac, forged to a strict astrological design and said to incorporate history itself in their operating program. After the fall of Peking, however, most were never accounted for...

Era: Posthuman historical.
Technology - Variable, occasionally time-active.

The demise of Earth was followed by a period in which there was, effectively, no such thing as the human species; a period in which humanity suddenly found itself released from its heritage, with genetic manipulation and vast tracts of space separating the survivors from everything they'd once been.
Many "posthuman" societies inevitably became glorious, grotesque Princedoms, and none more so than those of the Blood Coteries, who -- like the Medici and Borgia families of antiquity -- commissioned the greatest art and culture of their age even as they conducted unimaginable vendettas and poisoned their potential rivals...
A Labyrinth of Histories Lawrence Miles February 2004 PRIMER FOR THE SPIRAL POLITIC (POST-WAR EDITION)

Era: Non-specific, sub-historical.
Technology: Irrelevant.

It's now acknowledged that the Great Houses were largely responsible for creating the current shape of history, not simply by interfering in major events (although they may have dabbled) but by engineering the entire framework of history as a single definite structure. What's less well-known is just how easy it is to access that structure's foundations.
Before the War, it was usual for Great House installations to be linked to the Houses' "records library", buried in the framework beneath normal time: though the War made these access-points a liability, many still exist, and encounters with the library's guardian aren't unknown...
Eternal Escape James Hornby 6 June 2021 The Battle of Golgalith affected many lives during the War, none more so than Dionus. But those days are long behind him... right?
Call Me Ishmael J.T. Mulholland 23 June 2021 As a man haunted by his atrocities in The War, Dionus wondered if any good has come from the War, even a small kindness. With the unannounced arrival of a patient called Ishmael, he may just find the answers he seeks.
The Healer's Sin J.T. Mulholland 24 July 2021 Dionus attends a support meeting at his clinic where a man from the dark days of his past lies waiting.
Mr Saldaamir Lance Parkin 1 June 2021 The invention of time travel ended the great Golden Age and plunged the elder races into the Time Wars. Mister Saldaamir, last of his kind, rooted himself to the new history and is devoted to protecting the existence of a timeline. He lives in San Francisco and worries about Last Contact.
Sabbath and the King Aristide Twain 12 August 2021 PRIMER FOR THE SPIRAL POLITIC (POST-WAR EDITION)

Era: War in Heaven
Technology: Symbiotic bond with the Protocols of the Sun Builders; Rightful Mastery of the Artefacts of Urizen. See also SUN BUILDERS (BIOLOGICAL PRIVILEGES).

Ever since the creation of the Presidency rank on the Homeworld, the individual chosen as its Head had acted as more of a vessel and avatar for the power of the Homeworld than a political leader (see also SPEAKER OF RE). When the necessities of War led to the Presidency taking on a more active role as the strategic leader of the Homeworld's military campaigns, the full extent of the powers vested in a President began to be better understood by the wider Universe. The adoption of Monarchial titles such as 'King' and 'Queen' harkened back to lesser species' notions of rulers by divine right, firmly cementing the President-King of the Sun Builders as not just a democratic leader of their people, but as a King among Lords, a power unto themself.
However, an unwitting consequence of the growing infamy of the Wartime Presidency was the realisation, both by the Homeworld and its enemies, that former Presidents, who retained certain metaphysical ties to the Protocols however brief their time in office, had become great liabilities. Some Presidents Emeritus, realising the precariousness of their position, resorted to faking their deaths; several others had no need to resort to deception in this matter. One of the Homeworld's most infamous Wartime Presidents, however, disappeared from office at the onset of the Lucia Presidency (see LOLITA), without a formal resignation or hard evidence of his demise. His whereabouts remain a matter of great speculation; although many claim to have encountered a Rosette-wearing man, whom some identify as the surviving War King, most scholars agree that the "Whig" era of the one-time President's life actually occurred at an earlier point in (...)

Magic Bullet Productions

Magic Bullet Productions was the second company to publish Faction Paradox audio adventures, releasing the 6-part The True History of Faction Paradox series from 2005-2009. True History followed directly from The Faction Paradox Protocols, but was written to be accessible to new listeners as well.

Cover Title Writer Publication Date Synopsis
Coming to Dust Lawrence Miles 25 July 2005 Naples, 1763. The Great Ape of Posto di Foraggio is on show, an exhibition to amuse jaded foreign tourists. However, there are three Englishmen who recognise that the creature is no mortal beast, but a harbinger of ancient evil from before the time of the Pharaohs -- and one which may presage the return of something thought long buried.
To prevent this, they must turn to Cousins Justine and Eliza, the mysterious representatives of the Faction Paradox -- but any dealings with the Faction Paradox always come at a price.
The Ship of a Billion Years Lawrence Miles 25 April 2006 The confrontation between Cousin Justine of Faction Paradox and the Egyptian deity Sutekh has left the adventurers leaderless and Justine herself a prisoner, enslaved by an ancient and powerful being on a billion-year cruise across the universe.
As Eliza and the Society of Sigismondo di Rimini go to desperate lengths to locate their lost companion, and Justine becomes embroiled within Osirian court politics, neither knows that they are on a fateful collision course towards a final clash with Sutekh himself...
Body Politic Lawrence Miles May 2008 Facing a divided Council and fighting a nine-hundred-and-twenty-front war across time and space, the War King sends Ambassador Mortega from the Homeworld to the Osirian Court, to combat the new power that has risen in their midst that challenges the might of the Great Houses.
Meanwhile, by gathering the complete biodata of Osiris, Justine plans to resurrect the only Osirian capable of standing against Sutekh the Destroyer. But the forces at work on the Homeworld may soon intervene fatally in Justine's plans...
Words From Nine Divinities Lawrence Miles 24 November 2008 As Sutekh makes a bid to seize the throne of the Osiran Court, Justine and Anubis put their plan into motion. But is the power of Horus himself enough to prevail against the might of the Destroyer? On the Homeworld, the War King has decided, against the wishes of half the Council, to bring Faction Paradox back into the fold - a move which may play directly into the hands of the maverick hybrid Lolita, and bring chaos to the Great Houses...
Ozymandias Lawrence Miles 8 June 2009 Guided by a recurring vision and a fragment of poetry, two adventurers take the first steps onto a journey which will lead them to an alien world of nightmarish architecture, insect civilisations and strange women who are much more than they seem...
For on this planet, a tribunal is assembling - a tribunal which will decide the final contest between Horus and Sutekh, and with it, the fate not only of the Osiran Court and Faction Paradox, but of the universe itself.
The Judgement of Sutekh Lawrence Miles 25 November 2009 Trapped on Mars, two explorers find themselves pawns in a deadly power game between Faction Paradox and Lolita...
The final battle between Sutekh and Horus threatens to tear the fabric of space and time to shreds...
At the end of the day, one side will be victorious... but which will it be?